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Vaginal Atrophy & Cancer

cancerVaginal atrophy is an unwelcome and often undisclosed side effect both during and after cancer treatment. When combined with the onset of menopause, symptoms can be even more intense.

Up 80 % of women being treated for oestrogen-receptor positive breast cancer suffer from some form of vaginal atrophy. Despite its frequency, it is estimated that only30% of women who are breast cancer survivors will voluntarily discuss their vaginal atrophy symptoms with their healthcare professional.

Oral estrogen therapy generally isn’t recommended in woman with a history of breast cancer, as it might stimulate cancer cell growth, especially if your breast cancer was hormonally sensitive. Whether low-dose topical vaginal estrogen therapy is safe for breast cancer survivors is controversial. It’s not known whether even a small increase in the level of estrogen circulating in your bloodstream may increase your risk of the cancer coming back.

For women who do not wish to use hormone therapy, or cannot use it because of other health issues such as cancer, non-hormonal vaginal preparations like Gynatrof  are the treatment option of choice.

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