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Why Try Gynatrof?

Vaginal atrophy is a chronic condition that requires treatment. Gynatrof is the only non-hormonal option licensed by Health Canada, indicated for the treatment (symptoms) of vaginal atrophy.

Gynatrof 15 ml with applicatorIf you are experiencing the uncomfortable symptoms of vaginal atrophy – dryness, burning, itching, discomfort during sex – isn’t it time you tried Gynatrof, the only product that will provide long lasting relief and treatment for ALL your symptoms?

Here are some more great reasons why you should try Gynatrof today:

    • Hydrates and regenerates vaginal mucosa by stimulating the natural moistness of the vagina.
    • Fast onset of action. Significant reduction in symptoms in first week of treatment.
    • Symptoms eliminated after only 8 weeks.
    • Hormone free, fragrance free and can be used with condoms
    • Safe to use. Gynatrof has been available in Europe since 2006 with no safety issues ever reported.
    • Recognized by the Society of Obstetricians and Gynacologists of Canada (SOGC) as a non-prescription/over-the-counter product that safely and effectively promotes female sexual  health.

I have been using Gynatrof for a month now. And I have had stellar results – no side effects, no sensitivity and no issues during intercourse… I cannot endorse this product enough.
– Liz on Flashfree