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Who can use Gynatrof?

Of the 75% of postmenopausal women that experience the symptoms of vaginal atrophy, all can benefit from Gynatrof, an innovative non hormonal formulation that both hydrates and regenerates the vaginal mucosa.

Gynatrof relieves the symptoms of vaginal atrophy and prevents the vaginal discomfort that can occur during menopause or at any stage in a woman’s life:Monarch Butterfly Blue and Pink

Gynatrof is the product of choice…

For pessary insertion and maintenance

pessaryGynatrof is recommended first line by health care professionals as an alternative to Trimo-San for pessary insertion and maintenance.

For cancer patients/survivors

cancerGynatrof  is an ideal non-hormonal option for cancer patients and survivors suffering from vaginal dryness or painful sexual activity.