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What our Customers Think…


quoteI stopped having my cycle 20 years ago and have never used any hormones. As the years have passed I could not believe the changes in my vagina and the pain. My doctor told me how severe my vaginal atrophy is at my last pap 4 years ago. I have tried many products with no relief until now. I started using Gynatrof on Tuesday May 9th, and in just 2 days my symptoms such as itching and vulva soreness have eased. I can’t wait to see how things will be after using your product for months. I just wanted to say thank you!

Alaine, Nurse Continence Advisor:
quoteI got some samples from the CNCA Conference in Calgary 2016. Tried it – liked it. I was not able to give samples to patients the last time because I work in a large office full of middle aged women and (gave) all my samples away. I look forward to having more to share with patients. Thank you for this wonderful product. 

quoteI just wanted to thank (you)  for making such an amazing, effective product. I’m 58 years old and have struggled with the symptoms of vaginal atrophy for years. My husband and I have tried all kinds of lubricants that only made intercourse tolerable for me. Since I have been using your product, no more burning or pain, sex is a pleasure for us both again! Thank you for giving that part of my life back to me completely! My husband is very grateful too! 

quoteI find this product very effective more so than Replens. I will continue to use it. 

quoteJust tried this product and it is a savior. I trust Gynatrof because it is natural and performs safely as opposed to its hormonal option.

quoteVery good product. I would buy it again. It does what it says.

quoteThe product appears to be helping, as I do notice changes and no allergic reaction, I will keep using it to see how I progress.

quoteI have been on bio-identical hormone therapy for the last 5 yrs. It was helpful for some of the symptoms but I found it to be very inconsistent as the formula is compounded. I thought I would give this product a try and it has been a godsend to me. Other products over the counter were messy and expensive. Its easy to use and so far it is the only product I have tried that has made me feel natural. I recently stopped my bio-identical treatment and feel so much better knowing I am not using any type of hormone therapy as bio-identical hormones do have some risks with long term usage. My husband is also very happy. I highly recommend this product and as a RN I would openly recommend it to patients that are unable to take hormone therapy.

quoteI used several products before I tried this one. From my experience this one works best. I recommend!

quoteOutstanding product! I had suffered with vaginal dryness for several years, sex became very painful for me and my husband suffered as well because he still enjoys that part of life. Since using Gynatrof, we are back to our happy healthy pain free sex life. I had tried Replens but found it too be more expensive on a monthly basis, less effective and definitely a lot more messy. Gynatrof application is easy and certainly mess free. It has changed our lives.

Deb:Monarch Butterfly Blue and Pink
quotegreat product for menopausal and any one who cannot use hormone based products.

quoteThis product is great for vaginal dryness and contains no hormones.

quoteHighly recommend it. Finally found a great moisturizer/lubricant. Very natural feel. Much better than others I have tried. Application is easy. No mess. Worth every penny.

quoteexcellent product – hormone free and natural for menopausal women.

quoteProduct is better than the usual non prescription alternatives. It’s not messy, so a lot easier to use. Not sure if it actually works for sex as I am not active anymore but it will make you feel more comfortable than before. I would recommend it over the more well known brands and I have tried two others. This one is the best of the three.

quoteSo much better than the brand you get in the drug stores. Highly highly recommend!

quoteGreat! What a relief! Being a breast cancer survivor I cannot use any products like Premarin. Gynecologist gave me the OK to use this product. It really does help tremendously with vaginal atrophy! 

quoteGreat product. I would recommend it to anyone who is needing this type of product. I have used other products but this one is the best so far. It is easy to use and the product is thicker than most so it stay put a little longer. 

quoteI totally agree with all the reviews. Wonderful product. I would recommend with a five star rating.

quoteThis product speaks for itself. I highly recommend Gynatrof vaginal moisturizer to whomever wants a natural gel with unbelievable results. I have been using it for months, and will continue to do so for as long as needed. This is the best product on the market for vaginal atrophy, without a doubt.

quoteGreat product it changed my sex life, easy to use and works better than everything else I have tried!

quoteTerrific product — so glad it’s available in North America. Like another reviewer, I was searching for something to use in place of estrogen and that wasn’t too messy/slippery. This one is a winner (and I’ve tried — and have thrown away — more than a few).

quoteThis stuff rocks. Sometimes things just aren’t as comfortable as as should be; this product will completely change that feeling. I totally recommend it!

quoteI have been searching for some time for a product to use in place of estrogen cream. This is my 3rd product and absolutely the best one yet! It is very easy to use, not at all messy. Improvements begin with the first tube, but give it some time and the results are absolutely wonderful–at least they are for me. I will definitely continue to purchase it.

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